My personal blog about my experiences as a young journalist.

About me

I am a journalist trained and tested for the 21st century. My forte is writing hard news pieces and I am gaining experience in photography and video. I am a strong supporter of 1st amendment rights and believe that freedom of the press means freedom for all.

My current job is at the Meriden Record-Journal as a general assignment reporter. I cover a wide variety of stories including: enterprise-level reporting, events, features and breaking news. I also take photos for many of my stories.

I am also currently the senior managing editor/vice president for Quad News, a fully-independent news outlet at Quinnipiac University. I am a member of the executive board and am involved in all major decisions for the company. I also oversee the news section and business teams.

My hobbies happen to align with my career path. I love to take pictures and spend most of my free time learning and practicing photography. I also love to write news articles; being able to practice my craft and passion for a living is an amazing and rewarding experience.


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